A2 Pin Torx Button Head Machine Screws (100)

Please Choose From:
M3 x 6
(£11.15)inc VAT
M3 x 8
(£11.63)inc VAT
M3 x 10
(£11.72)inc VAT
M3 x 12
(£12.12)inc VAT
M3 x 16
(£12.60)inc VAT
M3 x 20
(£13.10)inc VAT
M3 x 25
(£14.32)inc VAT
M4 x 6
(£13.82)inc VAT
M4 x 8
(£12.06)inc VAT
M4 x 10
(£12.70)inc VAT
M4 x 12
(£13.02)inc VAT
M4 x 16
(£13.34)inc VAT
M4 x 20
(£14.10)inc VAT
M4 x 25
(£14.58)inc VAT
M4 x 30
(£15.18)inc VAT
M4 x 40
(£25.92)inc VAT
M5 x 8
(£13.18)inc VAT
M5 x 10
(£14.15)inc VAT
M5 x 12
(£14.75)inc VAT
M5 x 16
(£15.23)inc VAT
M5 x 20
(£16.42)inc VAT
M5 x 25
(£17.44)inc VAT
M5 x 30
(£18.47)inc VAT
M5 x 40
(£20.68)inc VAT
M5 x 50
(£23.76)inc VAT
M6 x 10
(£18.36)inc VAT
M6 x 12
(£18.95)inc VAT
M6 x 16
(£19.27)inc VAT
M6 x 20
(£19.44)inc VAT
M6 x 25
(£19.87)inc VAT
M6 x 30
(£20.52)inc VAT
M6 x 35
(£27.42)inc VAT
M6 x 40
(£24.62)inc VAT
M6 x 50
(£29.88)inc VAT
M6 x 60
(£62.96)inc VAT
M6 x 80
(£45.79)inc VAT
M8 x 12
(£28.27)inc VAT
M8 x 16
(£30.82)inc VAT
M8 x 20
(£34.97)inc VAT
M8 x 25
(£36.48)inc VAT
M8 x 30
(£38.81)inc VAT
M8 x 35
(£44.68)inc VAT
M8 x 40
(£45.91)inc VAT
M8 x 50
(£49.97)inc VAT
M8 x 55
(£56.99)inc VAT
M8 x 60
(£75.55)inc VAT
M8 x 75
(£71.47)inc VAT
M8 x 80
(£87.98)inc VAT
M8 x 100
(£85.94)inc VAT
M10 x 20
(£46.12)inc VAT
M10 x 25
(£49.37)inc VAT
M10 x 30
(£51.31)inc VAT
M10 x 35
(£53.89)inc VAT
M10 x 40
(£55.20)inc VAT
M10 x 50
(£57.46)inc VAT
M10 x 60
(£63.50)inc VAT
M10 x 65
(£68.98)inc VAT
M10 x 70
(£92.52)inc VAT
M10 x 80
(£92.74)inc VAT
More Info
Pin Torx (also known as Star Drive Pin, 6 Lobe Pin or Resistorx®) are suitable for higher torque applications. These are manufactured with a central pin inside the six-lobe recess preventing the removal with standard torx tools.

We sell these tamper resistant screws in packs of 100.