Pin Hex Button Head A2 Machine Screws (100)

Please Choose From:
M3 x 10
(£12.90)inc VAT
M3 x 12
(£13.37)inc VAT
M3 x 16
(£13.86)inc VAT
M4 x 8
(£14.40)inc VAT
M4 x 10
(£14.69)inc VAT
M4 x 12
(£15.12)inc VAT
M4 x 16
(£15.23)inc VAT
M4 x 20
(£15.72)inc VAT
M4 x 25
(£18.90)inc VAT
M4 x 30
(£22.03)inc VAT
M4 x 40
(£24.85)inc VAT
M5 x 10
(£17.06)inc VAT
M5 x 12
(£17.39)inc VAT
M5 x 16
(£17.82)inc VAT
M5 x 20
(£19.22)inc VAT
M5 x 25
(£22.46)inc VAT
M5 x 30
(£25.60)inc VAT
M5 x 40
(£29.16)inc VAT
M5 x 50
(£33.60)inc VAT
M5 x 60
(£38.10)inc VAT
M6 x 10
(£20.52)inc VAT
M6 x 12
(£20.74)inc VAT
M6 x 16
(£20.99)inc VAT
M6 x 20
(£23.74)inc VAT
M6 x 25
(£27.43)inc VAT
M6 x 30
(£30.02)inc VAT
M6 x 40
(£36.83)inc VAT
M6 x 50
(£42.26)inc VAT
M6 x 60
(£48.47)inc VAT
M8 x 12
(£31.97)inc VAT
M8 x 16
(£36.02)inc VAT
M8 x 20
(£38.52)inc VAT
M8 x 25
(£39.48)inc VAT
M8 x 30
(£43.54)inc VAT
M8 x 35
(£49.01)inc VAT
M8 x 40
(£52.60)inc VAT
M8 x 50
(£57.60)inc VAT
M8 x 60
(£64.19)inc VAT
M10 x 16
(£51.54)inc VAT
M10 x 20
(£47.64)inc VAT
M10 x 25
(£50.11)inc VAT
M10 x 30
(£55.12)inc VAT
M10 x 40
(£56.70)inc VAT
M10 x 50
(£71.53)inc VAT
M10 x 60
(£74.40)inc VAT
M10 x 100
(£109.46)inc VAT
More Info
A2 Stainless Steel Button Head Pin Hex Security Machine Screws.

Pin Hex security/Tamper resistant machine screws are designed to be virtually impossible to remove without the relevant matching tools.

Security screws are used in various settings inc, prisons, hospitals, playgrounds, police stations, museums and schools.