A4 Stainless Hex Set Screws M12-M20 (100)

Please Choose From:
M12 x 30
(£41.71)inc VAT
M12 x 35
(£42.25)inc VAT
M12 x 40
(£51.11)inc VAT
M12 x 45
(£52.46)inc VAT
M12 x 50
(£52.92)inc VAT
M12 x 60
(£69.46)inc VAT
M12 x 70
(£88.27)inc VAT
M12 x 80
(£116.62)inc VAT
M12 x 90
(£128.24)inc VAT
M12 x 100
(£142.27)inc VAT
M16 x 40
(£92.50)inc VAT
M16 x 50
(£104.11)inc VAT
M16 x 60
(£130.13)inc VAT
M16 x 70
(£168.53)inc VAT
M20 x 75
(£274.13)inc VAT
More Info
Fully threaded Stainless Steel Hex Set Screws A4-316 Marine grade.

This page contains A4 Stainless Steel hex head screws from M12 up to M20 in diameter.

Sold in packs of 100

Please note: Some longer lengths are not fully threaded. If thread length is critical please contact us for exact specifications.