A2 Stainless Steel Socket Button Head Machine Screws (100)

Please Choose From:
M4 x 5
(£2.44)inc VAT
M4 x 6
(£2.40)inc VAT
M4 x 8
(£2.52)inc VAT
M4 x 10
(£3.29)inc VAT
M4 x 12
(£3.06)inc VAT
M4 x 16
(£3.44)inc VAT
M5 x 10
(£3.46)inc VAT
M5 x 16
(£2.96)inc VAT
M5 x 20
(£3.40)inc VAT
M5 x 25
(£3.92)inc VAT
M5 x 30
(£4.72)inc VAT
M5 x 40
(£6.29)inc VAT
M5 x 50
(£8.68)inc VAT
M6 x 8
(£2.92)inc VAT
M6 x 10
(£3.41)inc VAT
M6 x 12
(£3.11)inc VAT
M6 x 16
(£3.23)inc VAT
M6 x 20
(£4.18)inc VAT
M6 x 25
(£5.02)inc VAT
M6 x 30
(£6.00)inc VAT
M6 x 35
(£7.32)inc VAT
M6 x 40
(£8.28)inc VAT
M6 x 45
(£8.64)inc VAT
M6 x 50
(£8.89)inc VAT
M6 x 55
(£9.58)inc VAT
M6 x 60
(£10.00)inc VAT
M8 x 20
(£8.33)inc VAT
M8 x 25
(£10.28)inc VAT
M8 x 30
(£12.35)inc VAT
M8 x 35
(£12.85)inc VAT
M8 x 40
(£13.12)inc VAT
M8 x 45
(£15.40)inc VAT
M8 x 50
(£16.55)inc VAT
M8 x 55
(£16.91)inc VAT
M8 x 60
(£21.07)inc VAT
M8 x 70
(£21.85)inc VAT
M10 x 20
(£15.61)inc VAT
M10 x 25
(£14.64)inc VAT
M10 x 30
(£16.78)inc VAT
M10 x 35
(£17.68)inc VAT
M10 x 40
(£19.69)inc VAT
M10 x 45
(£25.18)inc VAT
M10 x 50
(£29.83)inc VAT
M10 x 60
(£33.12)inc VAT
More Info
11 New sizes of Button Head Machine Screws now in stock! All in A2-304 Stainless Steel.

A2 Grade Socket Button Head Screws. ISO 7380. Perfect as an attractive fixing for a wide number of stainless Steel Fixing applications.

Prices start at just £2.03 + vat per 100!

Metric Coarse Thread.

Sold in packs of 100.

Please note: Longer lengths may not be fully threaded. If thread length is critical please contact for exact specifications.

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