Sikaflex 221 Adhesive & Sealant

Please Choose From:
Tube Black
(£7.30)inc VAT
Box 12 Black
(£79.92)inc VAT
Tube Grey
(£7.30)inc VAT
Box 12 Grey
(£79.92)inc VAT
Tube White
(£7.30)inc VAT
Box 12 White
(£79.92)inc VAT
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Fantastic prices on Sikaflex 221

A box of 12 Sikaflex 221 for just £66.60 + VAT! (£5.55 per tube)

A polyurethane sealant, fantastic for bonding and sealing a wide and varied ammount of applications.

Sika 221 form UKfixings. Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates, and is suitable for making a permanent elastic seals of high adhesive strength.

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