Sikaflex 11FC Adhesive & Sealant

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Tube Black
(£9.98)inc VAT
Box 12 Black
(£115.42)inc VAT
Tube Grey
(£9.98)inc VAT
Box 12 Grey
(£115.42)inc VAT
Tube White
(£9.98)inc VAT
Box 12 White
(£115.42)inc VAT
Tube Brown
(£9.98)inc VAT
Box 12 Brown
(£115.42)inc VAT
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Sikaflex 11FC. Now available in Brown.

A multi purpose adhesive and sealant, perfect for a wide variety of construction and DIY applications.

Whether in the motor vehicle repair market (Coach Building), marine repairs, boat building, caravan repair or general construction, Sikaflex 11FC is easy to use and ensures a great finish.

Size: 300ml / Box Quantity 12

Sikaflex 11FC (Fixing & Construction) now has the icure system, making it even easier to apply and tool.

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