Gun Grade Expanding Foam

Gun Grade Expanding Foams to suit almost every application.
Gun Grade Foam applied with an applicator gun allows for a more precise finish.

Soudafoam Gun B3 Expanding Foam£4.87 inc VAT

A high quality GUN GRADE PU expanding foam from Soudal. This is a gun grade foam th...

Everbuild B1 Fire Resistant Gun Grade Expanding Foam£7.18 inc VAT

A high quality Gun Grade expanding foam with a 4 hour fire rating. Easily applied usi...

Illbruck FM330 "Air Seal" Gun Gade Expanding Foam £9.00 inc VAT

Illbruck FM330 can be used at temps of -3C Brand New "Air Seal" Gun Grade Expanding ...

Sika Gun Grade Expanding Foam (Box of 12)£48.83 inc VAT

Sika BOOM Gun Grade Expanding PU Foam (Sika Boom G S) is a one component, expanding, ...

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