Silicone & Sealant Removal

We at UKfixings understand that not every installation, be it kitchen, bathroom, windows or conservatory will go exactly to plan. Silicone, Sealant and MS Polymers can get on the wrong material or after installation will be marked or prodded. Over time, some silicones and sealants can discolour or go mouldy. If there is the need for a sealant and silicone remover we feel that we have the most comprehensive range to cover any eventuality.

Silicone & Sealant Remover£5.90 inc VAT

Very easy to use fast acting, dripless gel which is scented and Comes in a 100ml Past...

Silicone Remover 400ml Aerosol£10.64 inc VAT

This is a brilliant, fast acting, very easy to use, aerosol Spray. Perfect for rem...

Silicone & Sealant Removal Kit£10.44 inc VAT

A handy kit for the removal of silicone and sealant. Kit includes 1 x Trim knife wit...

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