Glues & Activators

We have a range of glue and activators to suit all your needs.
Activators help reduce superglue fixing times and ensure that adhesive is cured properly. They are fast acting and are odour free.

Super Glue 50g Medium Viscosity£1.78 inc VAT

Super Glue (Medium Viscosity) A popular choice for the glazing industry. Application...

Super Glue Activator (200ml) Non Yellowing£2.10 inc VAT

This non yellowing super glue activator speeds up the curing time of cyanoacrylate su...

Bondloc B243 Threadlock & Seal 50ml£14.88 inc VAT

A fantastic product used to lock threads and prevent loosening, it's applied directly...

Mitre Kit£5.10 inc VAT

This Mitre kit contains 1 x 50g Superglue and 1 x 200ml Activator. Mitre Kit is a tw...

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